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  • Renascence – offers information, referrals and supportive counselling services for women who have been victims of abuse either in childhood or their intimate relationships. Individual and group services, telephone outreach and educational sessions promote healing and support healthy relationships. There is a Sexual Abuse Survivors Group twice per year in partnership with Women’s Shelter of Huron; in Huron only.

  • Group Delta – 

    Group Delta – group treatment for partner assault in Huron; Contact with partners are a key aspect to creating safety of women and children; Delta promotes safety, non-violence and equality in intimate relationships. Access to this program is  either through referral from Crown Attorney and Probation or voluntary. Client fees applicable based on ability to pay; Huron County only.

  • Male Survivors Counselling – a new initiative launched in 2012, this project offers counseling to male survivors of child sexual abuse; in Huron only.
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