stock-photo-60264976-growing-their-business-by-thinking-smarter.jpgConsultation Services for Professionals

We want to assist you in meeting the needs of children and youth. Access to a clinical consultation begins with a simple call to any office. You will first speak to our Administrative staff and then you will be connected to one of our staff on our new “Timely Access Team”.  CONTACT US

  • With client consent, an individualized consultation about a specific child is possible. We welcome information exchange from schools, family physicians/Family Health Teams and other community professionals who are recommending a referral and/or seeking to coordinate services. We can offer advice by phone or attend a case conference, scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.

  • Pre-client consent, we also offer consultation to professionals who wish to facilitate a referral to support a family. When client consent is not yet confirmed we can still offer some general advice and strategies to help you to connect the family to our services.  And remember, our weekly Drop-in Clinic offers an easy way for families to begin. RESOURCES

  • Sometimes families do not follow through on a recommendation to contact us because there are barriers to service. Let us know if transportation, appointment times or some other factor may be getting in the way of confirming help for a child/youth.

*Our “Timely Access Team”, launched in November 2015, offers centralized intake available at the point of your call. Our goal is to achieve our mission statement: To provide timely access to a range of assessment and treatment services offered by skilled professional staff in collaboration” with you/your family and other professionals who are also working with you”.