Youth Justice Services 

The Huron-Perth Centre is more than just its Child and Youth Mental Health Services. Our Youth Justice Services provide youth in conflict with their communities a variety of services to help youth 12 and older. 

  • Diversion Program - Under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) this service offers “extra-judicial measures (EJM)” at a pre-charge level through police referral; available in Perth only.

  • Youth Justice Committee Program –Perth – under the YCJA this service offers intervention post-charge and pre-court through crown referral; can also be referred by Diversion program to access justice circles (conferences). This program uses trained community volunteers as a key aspect to the program; available in Perth only.

  • Dedicated to Youth on Probation Team - Mental Health Counsellors provide assessment and treatment. Child and Youth workers (CYWs) work with clinicians to address specific goal areas including but not limited to:  school issues, interpersonal conflicts, employment/need for other supports to reduce risk areas through youth probation officer referral; through youth probation referral.