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The Huron-Perth Centre for Children and Youth is an accredited community-based children’s mental health centre. We provide assessment and treatment services for a wide range of mental health concerns for children and youth up to their 18th birthday. We have been in operation since 1977 and have developed strong, positive working relationships with our valued community partners.  In August 2014 we were selected to be the Lead Agency for Child and Youth Mental Health for Huron and Perth. This new role is intended to help develop our local service system to better meet the mental health needs of our children and youth. To read more about the changes occurring across Ontario visit:

In addition to our child and youth mental health services we have a number of other youth related services and two services for adults specific to violence in intimate relationships. Click “ALL SERVICES” to read more about our range of services available in Huron and Perth County.

Our services are funded by a range of Ministries including: Ministry of Children and Youth Services, Ministry of Children & Youth Services – Youth Justice Branch, Ministry of Community & Social Services and the Ministry of Attorney General. We have developed several services that are purchased from community partners to meet a specific need. From time to time we receive grants for special projects and donations to the Centre used to support client travel, special initiatives and program costs not fully covered by other sources. Services are provided at no cost with the exception of Group Delta, for which there is a client fee on a sliding scale.

We believe that positive relationships are the foundation for healing and for realizing the potential in all persons.

Our work is guided by these values:



STRENGTHS – A focus on strengths helps individuals build resilience.


FAMILY “Family” is the most important resource to children and youth.


DIGNITY & WORTH - All children, youth and families have the right to make choices about their  treatment.


COLLABORATION – The needs of children, youth and families are best met when we all work together.


Scent-Free Environment

Thank you for helping us strive towards our goal of maintaining a scent-free environment.



Message from the CEO

Welcome to the Huron-Perth Centre. We want to be helpful to you and hope that our new website helps you get a good sense of our organization, how we work and what services we offer.

I am pleased to say that there is growing support for child and youth mental health! This has meant new opportunities for us to make some changes in the way you can access our services. Please take the time to check out all of our information and if you only remember one thing it should be that we are a simple phone call away!

Terri Sparling, CEO

Meet our Board of Directors:

Larry Schoch, President

Brent Furtney, Vice-President

John Herbert, Secretary

Susan Qureshi, Past President

Devon Peters, Board Member

Liz Wilson, Board Member

Linda Kelly, Board Member

Ian Docker, Board Member

Sherri Penn, Board Member

Jessica D'Arcey, Board Member

Maureen Cole, Board Member

Sydney Hunking, Board Member


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